2011 Minutes

Minutes of 1/13/2011 _____

Castanea Fire Hall___

The following officers were present:

Pres. Martin Salinas – P
 Director George Conklin - P
 Director Tom Livingston – P
Vice Pres. Doug Sellers – P
 Director Sid Mentzer - A
Treasurer John Green – P
 Director Tina Snook - P
 Director Mike Walker – P
Secretary Chris Fox – P
 Membership Chair Dick McKinney – P
 Director Greg Churach - A

Treasurer’s Report by John Green:

John Green gave the Treasurers report with a balance of $ A copy is available to any member upon request. Please contact Treasurer John Green.

Membership Committee Report by Dick McKinney:

Dick McKinney reported that membership is: A copy of the report is available upon request.

Guest Kurt Bupp
Old Business:

1. West Keating Township Taxes

New Business:

1. Fox camp- Trees and additions

2. Bald Eagle state camp inspector/harassment of cabin owners

3. Gray water issues

4. Gas drilling waste-Director Mike Walker

5. Loyalsock district – sewage and water

6. 537 rules

7.Boat dock issue

8. Camp 20-C-200 Loyalsock burned down-shed and basement issue

9. Meeting with state reps

10. Bud Adair issue

Meeting adjourned at 8:15, Tina Snook made motion, John Green seconded.