2009 Minutes

Planning Meeting Minutes
Minutes of 4/09/2009
Castanea Fire Hall

The following officers were present:

Pres. Martin Salinas – P
 Director Ron Kephart - P
 Director Tom Livingston – P
Vice Pres. Doug Sellers – P
 Director George Conklin - P
 Director Sid Mentzer - P
Treasurer John Green – A
 Director June Krumrine - A
 Director Mike Walker – A
Secretary Chris Fox – A
 Membership Chair Dick McKinney – P
Treasurer’s Report by John Green:
     John Green gave the Treasurers report with a balance of $ A copy is available to any member upon request. Please contact Treasurer John Green.
Membership Committee Report by Dick McKinney:    
     Dick McKinney reported that membership is: A copy of the report is available upon request.
Old Business:

1.   PSCLA has had some requests for assistance with member’s leases/power of attorney. Doug Sellers may become the contact for PSCLA in answering these questions.
2. The trash issue in Lumber township has resurfaced. PSCLA addressed this      

     Issue last year.

3. The spring newsletter has been mailed.
New Business:
1.  Email error- Tom Livingston’s email address on PSCLA’s website is correct but needs to be corrected on the newsletter as is John Green’s.
2. Greg Churach, director of the Delaware district, sent a letter informing staff of changes/problems/suggestions from this district.
3. For a fee of $100.00, Jim Slinsky will speak at our general membership meeting.

4. Directors are asked to contact district DCNR offices and compile a list of equipment and roads in need of repair.
5.  PSCLA proposes to add a DCNR link to our website.

6.  PSCLA is working on a way to simplify returning dues cards.

7. Senate Bill No. 490. Of a total of 190 million dollars DCNR has collected, this bill proposes to distribute 174 million to the Pa General fund and 16 million to DCNR. To this end PSCLA has been contacting legislators and other special interest groups in an effort to thwart this bill.
Meeting adjourned at 8:20.  Dick McKinney made motion, Sid Mentzer seconded.