2012 Minutes

PSCLA General membership meeting minutes for 10/21/12
Record Attendance
Treasurer's report available upon request from any member.
Natural and Wild areas
DCNR'S new mobile website
Article from Williamsport Sun Gazette
PSCLA meeting with State Representatives
Tree removal service
Issues with Gas companies
PSCLA helps with lessee problems
Incorporate your lease
Camp values
Dock problems in the Promised Land state park area/Call PSCLA first
DCNR driving vehicles simply to add miles for replacement
Repairs to your lease
Public shooting range
ATV use in the state forest
General membership meeting dates
Election of officers
Gas drilling Rock Run area Lycoming county
Meeting adjourned 2:30
PSCLA General membership meeting minutes for 5/20/2012

Officers and directors present: Dick McKinney, Doug Sellers, Marty Salinas, Tina Snook, Mike Walker, Sid Mentzer.


Meeting opened at 1:00 pm.


Wild Areas


Member's comments


Meeting with Governor's staff


cabin membership plan


Fixed meeting dates


Several different discussions on sewage


Harrassment by Foresters


Road closings


Once again, PSCLA enjoyed another record number of attendees


Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm