2011 Minutes

PSCLA Minutes
Dates of Minutes included below:
10/30/2011 and 5/22/2011


Minutes of General membership at Castanea on Oct 30, 2011

Officers present:

Dick Mckinney, Martin Salinas, Doug Sellers, Tom Livingston, Sidney Mentzer


Meeting opened by Pres. Salinas at 1:30 pm.


Election of Officers


Satellite TV dishes


Marcellus Shale Drilling


Wild Areas


Meeting with DCNR in Harrisburg


Forester in Bald Eagle


Cabin Insurance suppliers


Propane Gas discount may widen area


Incorporate cabin ownership


Contractor help for you cabin




Listing of cabins for sale


Meeting adjourned at 2:30 pm. Fred McKinley made motion to adjourn, Sid Mentzer seconded.
Minutes of 5/22/2011
Castanea Fire Hall Picnic Grounds___

The following officers were present:

Pres. Martin Salinas – P
 Director George Conklin - A
 Director Tom Livingston – P
Vice Pres. Doug Sellers – P
 Director Sid Mentzer - A
Treasurer John Green – A
 Director Tina Snook - P
 Director Mike Walker – P
Secretary Chris Fox – A
 Membership Chair Dick McKinney – P
 Director Greg Churach - A

Treasurer’s Report by John Green:

A copy of the treasurer’s report was made available to members.

Membership Committee Report by Dick McKinney:

Dick McKinney reported that membership is: A copy of the report is available upon request.

. Meeting called to order at 1:04 PM, attendance was 102.


1. Deer hunting survey

2. Recreational Taxes

3. Cabin Burglaries

4. Septic/Water Issues

 5. Grey water issues

6. List of contractors

7. Water Testing

8. Shooting ranges

9. PA Wilds

10. Gas Drilling

11. Camp Gates

12. DCNR Unanswered Calls and Correspondence

13. Water Lease Agreements

14. Natural Wild Areas and Camp Restrictions

15. Meeting Adjourned at 1:50 PM Mckinney made motion, Livingston seconded