2005 Minutes

PSCLA Minutes
Dates of Minutes included below:
10/30/2005     5/1/2005


Meeting Minutes 10/30/2005

 The 11th semi-annual PSCLA meeting was called to order by President Ron Kephart October 30th, 1:00 p.m., at the Southern Clinton County Sportsmen’s Club in Loganton. Attendance was 42. President Kephart started the meeting by thanking Castanea Fire Co. and the Southern Clinton Co. Sportsmen’s Club for the use of their facilities. John Drake was also acknowledged for his mailing services as was the Promised Land Cabin Owners Association for hosting a director’s meeting.

The following officers were present:

Pres. Ron Kephart – P
 Director Martin Salinas - P
 Director Tom Livingston - P
Vice Pres. George Conklin – P
 Director Dan Paolini - P
 Director Bob Palermo - A
Treasurer John Green – P
 Director Doug Sellers - P
 Director Bud Workman – A*
Secretary Chris Fox – P
 Membership Chair Dick McKinney – P
 *Resigned due to time constraints

Following the introduction of the officers, the directors were introduced with their respective regions each director was responsible for. PSCLA asks that your regional director be contacted first with any problems you might have. Directors and the regions they represent are available on the PSCLA website, http://www.pscla.org/ , by clicking on the Officers and Directors contact list. Bud Workman’s regions are being temporarily assumed by the executive board.

Introduction of Guest:

 Mike Hanna, a representative of the 76th district, was on hand to answer member’s questions and address any concerns that arose. Mr. Hanna represents Clinton county and part of Centre county. For the first time, PSCLA did not invite a representative from DCNR.

Membership Committee Report by Dick McKinney:

 Dick reported 1234 members thus far for 2005, 350 for ’06 and 49 for ’07. It will be noted that a PSCLA membership’s duration is from Jan 1st to Dec 31st.

Treasurer’s Report by John Green:

 John reported a May 1st balance of _____, income since of ____and expenses of _____for an October 30th balance of _____.  A copy of the Treasury report is available upon request.

Planning Committee Report:

President Kephart would like to remind members that PSCLA spends long hours working on problems that concern all of us. Some of these are:

Boat dock problems in the Delaware Distirct ( PLCOA )
Water Line Right of Way License Fee
Guestbook on PSCLA’s website
DCNR Recreational Advisory Committee
Pa Cleanways
Upcoming General Membership meetings
How to Increase membership
Newsletter content
Directors and PSCLA members establishing contact with lawmakers
Old Business:

1.  Regional Management Plan – PSCLA

The regional management plan was established to alleviate the work load on the president by assigning different regions to individual directors. Regions may be reassigned should a member wish to volunteer for a director’s seat in the hopes of representing the district that their leased camp resides in. PSCLA encourages members to step forward and volunteer for any director’s seat or any other office for that matter.

2.  PA Cleanways:

 As in past newsletters, PSCLA wishes to reiterate its support of this worthwhile organization and urges members to become actively involved with their local Pa Cleanways chapter. PSCLA has supported Pa Cleanways in the past by supporting a program called Litter Hawks through a monetary donation.

3.  DCNR Recreational Advisory Committee:

 Director Tom Livingstone attends these meetings which are by invitation only. The recreational committee is a diverse group of organizations and is attended by such groups as hikers, horse back riders, bicycle riders snowmobile assoc. off-roaders assoc. (atvs) as well as PSCLA with each group sharing their views of the uses of state forest land. The use of Commonwealth lands, particularly in the Prince Galitzen state park, for private enterprise was discussed and Rep. Hanna was asked to share his input. Rep. Hanna supported private enterprise in state parks but only on a very limited basis in very select areas throughout the commonwealth. His reasoning was to promote tourism and create jobs and much needed revenue in rural areas. Rep. Hanna also stressed that wilderness areas should remain as such.

4.  Web Site:

 PSCLA still wishes to create a screened guestbook where members can post comments, pose questions or simply post a favorite picture of their camp.

5.  Boat Docks, Delaware District:

 In June of this year a contingent of PSCLA officers and directors traveled to the Delaware district to meet with concerned members over two issues, harassment by DCNR rangers in the state park and the refusal of DCNR to transfer boat dock permits or the issuance of permits for new boat docks. PSCLA toured the area, inspected the boat docks and met with DNCR with over 100 lessees in attendance. PSCLA contends that doing away with the boat docks lowers the market value of leased camps and to this end has engaged local realtors to assess the values of leased sites with and without a boat dock. Additionally, PSCLA is seeking legislative help and has contacted Rep. John Siptroth. Rep. Siptroth represents parts of Monroe and Pike counties. Rep. Hanna agreed to contact Mr. Siptroth and ask what headway has been made on this issue. As of Labor day, 3 lessees from the Delaware district had contacted President Kephart and remarked that the attitudes of DNCR’s park rangers had changed dramatically for the better since the June meeting. Since that meeting, President Kephart called both Dr. Jim Grace and Mike Lester of DCNR and attempted to discuss the boat dock problem further. Unfortunately neither DCNR Director Dr. Grace nor Mr. Lester would reverse their stance on this issue.

6.  Water Line Right-of-Way Licensing Fee

This issue is one that is not regulated nor enforced statewide. Some lessees pay for the right-of-way while some don’t. There isn’t even a set fee for this license. PSCLA objects to this vehemently and is still fighting this issue with no headway made as of yet with DCNR. The reasoning, as stated by DCNR, is they need this yearly fee to ascertain where water lines are in case work needs to be performed on a leased campsite. PSCLA wants this fee abolished outright, or at the very least, pay a one time fee and document where the line(s) lay. The fear also exists that if DCNR can force the removal of boat docks, what will they take next? Another reason is the worry that this fee may spiral out of control. DCNR Secretary Michael Debardinis stated to President Kephart that “state camp owners don’t pay enough for what you have now”.


President Kephart opened the nominations stressing the need for a new president as this will be his absolute last term serving as president.
President: Tom Livingston nominated Ron Kephart and Martin Salinas seconded.
Vice President: Ron Kephart nominated George Conklin and Ray Mausteller seconded.
Treasurer: No nomination.
Secretary: No nomination
Directors - two needed as per change in the PSCLA constitution: Dick McKinney nominated Sid Mentzer and Martin Salinas seconded.
Dan Paolini nominated Bob Palermo and Doug Sellers seconded.
Ray Mausteller made motion that the secretary accept and close all nominations and June Krumrine seconded.
DCNR/PSCLA Communication Gap:

 PSCLA has been seemingly stonewalled by DCNR in regards to the water license fee and the boat dock situation. To remedy this, discussion centered on how best to bring more pressure to bear. Suggestions included asking members to contact legislators, including a form in the next newsletter for doing so and that directors send letters to their lawmakers. Rep. Hanna than asked for the floor and stated that the best single way to make our views known is to have the directors contact and meet with lawmakers and explain to them the financial and voter impact lessees are able to exert. He thinks this would have a far greater impact than a letter. Another way to influence lawmakers, albeit to a lesser degree, is for PSCLA members to contact their legislators either through the mail or a phone call. To find out your respective legislator contact the following website : www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/home/find.cfm. Simply enter your zip code or click on the area of the state in which you live or in which your leased campsite resides in. Rep. Hanna also urged members to contact legislators where their camps are located and also where they reside.

Open discussion:

  Rep. Hannah spoke at length about the rights of snowmobiles, atvs, meeting with DCNR, again reiterating how important it is for members to contact lawmakers, the environmental quality board and its impact on state lands, gated roads and the poor quality and lack of maintenance of some state roads in certain areas. Rep. Hanna also stated that the associations of the snowmobile and off high-way vehicles (atvs) is not happy with the Recreational Advisory Committee.


 Mrs. June Krumrine brought to my attention that Gerald is her son, not her husband as stated in a prior newsletter. Sorry once again Mrs Krumrine!

A tentative date of May 21st 1:00 pm at Castanea Fire Co. picnic grounds has been set for our spring meeting.  Hope to see you there!

Meeting adjourned at 3:10 PM



Meeting Minutes 5/1/2005

 The 10th semi-annual PSCLA meeting was called to order by President Ron Kephart May 1st 2005, 1:00 p.m., at the Castanea FireCompany Picnic grounds. Attendance was 121. President Kephart started the meeting by reviewing PSCLA’s mission statement. He alsothanked the Castanea Fire Company for the use of their facility and recognized John Drake for his mailing services.

 President Kephart presented plaques of appreciation to two men. A plaque was presented to Tom Grabonsky of the Little Zoo hunting club in recognition of his late father, Stanley Grabonsky’s, support and contributions to PSCLA. A second plaque was given to Jim Dersham of the Triple E hunting club in appreciation of his late brother, Elmer “Buzz” Dersham’s support and contributions to PSCLA.

Roll Call of Officers found:

Pres. Ron Kephart – P
Director Martin Salinas - P
Director Tom Livingston - P
Vice Pres. George Conklin – P
Director Dan Paolini - P
Director Bob Palermo - P
Treasurer John Green – P
Director Doug Sellers - P
Director Bud Workman - A
Secretary Chris Fox – P
Membership Chair Dick McKinney - P

Treasurer’s Report by John Green:

John Green offered the Treasury Report showing an October 2004 balance of ______, income since of _____and expenses of _____for a May balance of _____.  A copy of the Treasury report is available upon request.

Membership Committee Report by Dick McKinney:

Dick McKinney, membership chairman, reported membership of1095 thus far for ’05, 167 for ’06 and 26 for ’07. It was noted a PSCLA membership’s duration is from Jan 31 to Dec 31.

Introduction of Guests:

 Mike Lester, Asst. State Forester and a regular attendee was available for lessee’s questions as was Merlin Benner, a DCNR biologist with a presentation of DCNR’s aerial deer survey.

Planning Committee Report:

 George Conklin, in an attempt to give members an overview of problems encountered by the planning committee talked about the following:

Boat dock problems
Website Improvements
Redistricting of the state, this meeting was an invite only and PSCLA was invited.
Newsletters, content, cost, when to mail, etc.
Upcoming General Membership meetings
Guidelines Proposal for Leased campsites
Pa Cleanways
How to increase Membership
Directors establishing contact with lawmakers
Finances- where to invest PSCLA monies
Recognizing deceased members
Distances traveled by directors to attend monthly meetings.
Sproul habitat survey
Any member is very welcome to attend any planning meeting. Please contact any director/officer for directions and meeting dates.

Old Business:

1.  Delaware Boat problems
     This problem arose last Labor Day when DCNR confiscated several boats from leaseholders and it has not abated since. DCNR is making it increasingly hard for lessees to maintain a boat dock by refusing to let docks be transferred along with a lease to a new owner and not issuing any more permits for new docks among other stringent requirements. Mike Lester did state that DCNR would like to see fewer docks on this area’s shorelines and cited two reasons: Most docks are not close to lessee’s campsites and DCNR feels that there are too many docks crowding the shores. PSCLA’s answer to this dilemma is to travel to the area, inspect the docks and leases and then to meet with DCNR June 11th at the Promised Land State Park. Any concerned members are invited and encouraged to attend. Mike Lester stated that DCNR is willing to work with members and PSCLA. A mailer will be sent to all concerned lessees advertising said meeting

2.  Michaux Building

     To refresh your memory, last September Hurricane Ivan felled a tree that crushed a lessee’s detached two car garage in the Michaux district. DCNR will not let the lessee rebuild the garage because it exceeds the allowable square footage for an outbuilding. No progress has been made as of this meeting.

3.  Pa Cleanways

     At a prior planning committee meeting, PSCLA authorized the expenditure of $1000 to PA Cleanways to sponsor a program called Litter Hawks which encourages youth to clean their communities. This program awards three $75.00 prizes to an age group up to eleven years old and three $100.00 prizes to youth aged 12-16.

4.  DCNR Recreational Advisory Committee

     PSCLA has attained a seat on this committee. PSCLA’s representative Director Tom Livingstone attends these meetings which are scheduled four times a year.

5.  Website

     It is PSCLA’s desire to establish a bulletin board where members can post edited messages and other comments. PSCLA is also interested in knowing what members would like to see posted on our website and encourages members to contact any director/officer with their suggestions. PSCLA is also interested in posting pictures of member’s camps with no location denoted and receiving email addresses.

6.  Constitution Change

     Paragraph 6.5 dealing with the terms of directors has been amended to read:

 The terms of offices of president, vice president, secretary and treasurer shall be for one year and run in concurrence with the calendar year following the election. The terms of offices of the directors shall be for three years and run in concurrence with the calendar year following the election. The election of directors shall be done on a rotating basis such that two new directors are elected each year.”

New Business:

1.  Nominations of Officers and Directors

     No nominations were forthcoming.

2.  Guidelines Proposal

 This Guidelines for Leased Forest Campsites Introduction was sent to PSCLA last September for our perusal. The planning committee devoted one entire meeting to this document only, such was its importance. PSCLA then met with Mike Lester, Jason Hall, programs specialist and Bob Merrill, district forester in early February in State College. DCNR was very receptive and cordial in discussing this Guideline Proposal. The single most contentious item of this proposal, and one that incited much audience discussion and questions, was the one discussed in February and at this general membership meeting concerning sanitation. It is stated as follows “Sewage facility laws prohibit the installation of a sewage disposal system, which results in water under pressure being disposed of in a sealed vault or holding tank. If a pressurized water system is connected to a cabin, the Lessee will be required to remove the system at their expense.” To overcome the widespread non-standardization of sewage systems statewide, of which DCNR is aware, Mike Lester stated that all leases campsites will be brought into DEP authorized compliance concerning sewage disposal systems. No mandate for compliance was given.

 The second most contentious item of these Proposals is the License for Right-of-Way for Water Use fee. This section reads “Any waterlines that extend off of the leased campsite will require a License for Right-of-Way for Water Use. These can be obtained by contacting the District Forester and requesting an APPLICATION FOR RIGHT OF WAY.” DCNR’s reasoning was that they required this fee to ascertain where water lines were located so as not to damage them if work was being performed by any state agency. PSCLA opposes this yearly fee instead asking for the deletion of all wording in this Proposal. President Kephart sent a letter to Dr. Jim Grace, head forester, asking for the abolishment of this fee. Again, DCNR has agreed to work with PSCLA on this issue.

3.  Sproul Habitat Tour

 PSCLA has agreed to help with this tour be extending a helping hand and providing a meal. The tour is Saturday May 28th from 1-5. The tour is designed to show the results of deer management such as catch and collar, hunter survey results, food plots and fence enclosures. The Fish dam overlook on route 144 south of Renovo will be the meeting place. Please contact Doug D’Amore, District Forester, at ( 570)-923-6011 for directions and more information.

4.  Good of the Organization

A question arose about taxes of leased campsites and PSCLA’s involvement in abolishing them. PSCLA feels it cannot successfully win on this issue. Director Doug Sellers urged leaseholders to retain the services of a knowledgeable appraiser.
John Young was recognized for celebrating 95 years of life and for supporting PSCLA since its inception.
Martin Salinas urged camp members to join singly instead of having an entire camp on one membership. As in past newsletters PSCLA reminds you that numbers count in Harrisburg.
It must be noted that Mike Lester and Dr. James Grace have been exemplary in dealing with PSCLA and recognizing the organization for its mission and responsibility to its members. PSCLA eagerly looks forward to an ongoing partnership with DCNR.

Door Prize Drawing:

Katie Fox picked the winner of the Weatherby Rifle which was a happy Don Bashore.
The winner of the Orvis fly rod kit was Robert P. Coleman.
Other winners of hatswere Arthur Johnson, June Krumrine, husband Gerald Krumrine and Mark Knochelle.
The fall meeting will be on Sunday October 16th at a time to be announced later.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 PM