2004 Minutes

PSCLA Minutes
Dates of Minutes included below:
10/17/2004     5/2/2004


Meeting Minutes 10/17/2004

     The 9th semi-annual PSCLA meeting was called to order by Pres. Ron Kephart on October 17th 2004, 1:00 PM at the Southern Clinton County Sportsmen Club. Attendance was 25. Pres. Kephart reviewed the day’s agenda and thanked So. Clinton Co Sportmens Club, Castanea Fire Hall, Renninger’s Ace Hardware and John Drake.

Roll Call of officers and directors found:

Pres. Ron Kephart – P
 Director Doug Sellers - P
 Director George Conklin - P
Vice Pres. Chuck Harger – A
 Director Tom Livingston - P
 Director Gerry Christ - A
Treasurer John Green – P
 Director Martin Salinas - P
 Director Dan Paolini - A
Secretary Chris Fox – P
 Membership Chair Dick McKinney - P

Treasurer’s Report by John Green:
     John Green gave the treasury report showing a check book balance as of 10/17 of _______.   A copy of the treasurer’s report is available upon request.
Membership Committee Report by Dick McKinney:
     Dick McKinney reported membership at 1283 members as of 10/17 with 225 paid for ’05.
Minutes of Spring Meeting:

     The minutes from the spring general membership meeting were not read, as they are available in your newsletter. Secretary Chris Fox gave a brief overview of topics discussed in the ’04 planning meetings to give members an idea of what the directors/officers actually do.

     Topics discussed in planning meetings are: PLCOA boat confiscation’s, Delaware Forest water access, regional management plan for directors, how to increase membership, where and on what organization to best apply monies, website improvement, inconsistency of application of state rules and regulations, rifle ranges, lease costs, road closures and repair, square footage of camps, bird and wildlife feeders, snowmobile trails, realignment of state forest districts, and how many bear Ron saw at camp.

Introduction of Guests:

     John Long, Assistant Forester - SPROUL, was available to answer questions. John is also a state camp lessee.

President’s Report – Meeting with Dr Jim Grace:
     On Wednesday September 15th, Ron Kephart, John Green and Tom Livingston met with Dr. Grace, head of DCNR’s bureau of Forestry at Hyner Run State Park. Both Ron and Tom emphasized Dr. Grace’s personable disposition, lack of animosity towards PSCLA and willingness to work with PSCLA.

1. Delaware Boat Confiscation’s:

     On Labor Day weekend, DCNR’s Delaware DF confiscated 26 boats for various infractions with no prior notification to state lessees. When contacted by Pres. Kephart, the DF would not converse with him, instead having his Asst. DF return the call and answering Ron’s queries with a “canned response.” When asked about this situation at Wednesday’s meeting, Dr. Grace replied that he had no idea that this event even occurred but would take steps to remedy the situation. PSCLA also offered to send mailers to the involved lessees explicitly explaining to them what needs to be done to bring them into state compliance.

2. Attitudes of DCNR staff:

     Although the number of “canned responses” or, worse yet, verbose responses appears to be decreasing, there is room for improvement. This has been discussed with Dr. Grace at prior meetings. Dr. Grace stated that he will not reward DF’s for the issuance of violations instead preferring to laud DF’s that promote a positive image of DCNR through their dealings with the public at large.

3. Rifle Ranges:

     This has been an ongoing headache not only for DCNR but for PSCLA as well. The upshot of countless hours in planning committees and meetings with DCNR is that all requests for rifle ranges are to be handled on a case by case basis. Ask your DF for permission to install a rifle or shooting range on your lease and guidelines for doing so. If you are refused, DO NOT AGGRAVATE, ARGUE OR OTHERWISE ANTAGONIZE YOUR DF. Instead, contact your PSCLA regional director, listed in your mailer or any officer and we will work with you and your DF and attempt to establish a safe shooting range. We do not guarantee we will be successful. Some areas of the state simply do not lend themselves to the construction of a range.

4. Delaware water access situation:

     This was explained in your last mailer and may be viewed on our website. No further developments have occurred at this time.

Old Business - Forestry Redistricting Plans:

     The intent of DCNR’s redefinition of forest districts is due to likeness of geography, to make district offices more accessible and changing to a landscape management policy. John Long described this as a grouping together of timber stands in various parts of the state forest. It would also reduce the number of forest districts from 20 to 19. Various groups, most notable the Western Clinton Co. Sportsmen’s club, have opposed this redistricting. Dr. Grace noted he would agree to listen to any legitimate reasoning before making a final decision. It would involve moving 60,000 acres, (1), from the Sproul district into the Tiadagton district.

     (1) Information provided by John Long.

1.  Regional Management Plan

     The goal of this program was twofold. The planning committees wished to not only reduce the burden on the officers but also to provide a friendly face to lessees in the various regions of the commonwealth. In this way we hope lessees can get to know their respective regional directors and not be hesitant to approach them with any problems. Your regional director is listed in the October mailer you received.

2.  PA Cleanways

     PSCLA still supports this group’s efforts to provide a cleaner commonwealth for future generations. We encourage all lessees to take an active part in keeping your community and leased site clean and neat.

3.  DCNR Recreational Advisory Committee

     This committee meets twice a year in State College and discusses uses of state forest lands. Special interest groups ranging from the Sierra Club to horse back riding enthusiasts all vie to have their wants and desires met. Director Tom Livingston attends these meetings representing PSCLA’s interests.

4.  Web Site

     The planning committee has decided to reinstate the guest book option back onto the PSCLA web site. This will enable members to post feedback, comments, suggestions or constructive criticism but is not meant to be a chat room. Additionally we welcome pictures of member’s camps which will be posted at this site with or with out the lessees name.

New Business:

1.  Nominations - The following persons were nominated and elected to these posts:

          President - Ron Kephart
          Vice President – George Conklin
          Treasurer – John Green
          Secretary – Chris Fox
          Directors – Doug Sellers, *Bob Palermo, *Bud Workman Sr,
                              Martin Salinas, Dan Paolini, Tom Livingston
                              * Denotes new director.
      Dick Mckinney moved that the nominations be closed by acclamation.


Elected Director Terms:  Joe Schott made a motion that directors now serve rotating three year terms with Carl Boone seconding the motion. Two randomly chosen directors will serve three year terms, with two more chosen at next fall’s elections.

2.  Michaux State Forest – Building Collapse
     A non-member of PSLCA recently suffered a collapse of his detached two car garage when an oak tree on his lease was felled by wind. Upon learning of this, DCNR stated to the lessee that a 10 x 12 storage shed is the only allowable detached structure on his lease. The lessee contacted PSCLA for any help that might be available. We have decided to offer any assistance we can provide primarily on the basis that is may occur to one of our members at a future date.

Open Discussion:

     Bob Palermo raised the question of moving the planning meetings to different areas of the state in an attempt to draw more members to these meetings. The officers and directors have readily agreed at prior planning meetings to do so if requested.

Pay for Travel:

     Of our planning committee directors and officers, we have one director that travels six hours overall and two directors that travel two hours overall to attend these meetings. Additionally President Kephart logged over two thousand miles in the past year attending various meetings with lessees and DCNR. President Kephart made a motion that this travel be paid by the mile with a rate yet to be named. Bob Palermo made motion to accept with Sid Menzter seconding.

New Road Construction vs. Repair – Camal, PA (TIADAGHTON DIST.)

     Repair of state forest roads has long been an ongoing complaint from many lessees. In the grand canyon area the state wishes to construct a new road rather than repair an existing roadway. John Long instructed PSCLA to contact Jeff Prowent (TIADAGHTON DF) to ascertain the reasoning for new road construction. As information becomes available we will provide it to our members.

The spring meeting will be held May 1st at Castnea Picnic Grounds. Fellowship starts at 11, lunch at noon with the general meeting commencing at 1 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 PM


 Meeting Minutes 5/2/2004

     The 8th semi-annual PSCLA meeting was called to order by Pres. Ron Kephart May 2nd 2004, 1:00 p.m. at the Castanea Fire Company Picnic grounds. Attendance was 41. Pres. Kephart reviewed the day’s agenda and thanked and acknowledged Castanea Fire Co., Renninger’s Hardware and John Drake.

     Also a reminder was given that nominations were open for the fall election. Jack Ryan nominated Bob Palermo for director. There is also a need for the position of Vice President.

Roll Call of officers and directors found:

Pres. Ron Kephart – P
 Director Doug Sellers - P
 Director George Conklin - P
Vice Pres. Chuck Harger – A
 Director Tom Livingston - A
 Director Gerry Christ - A
Treasurer John Green – P
 Director Martin Salinas - P
 Director Dan Paolini - P
Secretary Chris Fox – P
 Membership Chair Dick McKinney - P

Treasurer’s Report by John Green:
     John Green gave the Treasury Report showing an October balance of _____, income since at _____and expenses at _____for a May balance of _____.   A copy of the treasurer's report is available upon request.
Membership Committee Report by Dick McKinney:
     Dick McKinney reported the membership at 857 renewals as of April 29th with a 181 already paid for 2005.
Introduction of Guests:
     Mike Lester, Assistant State Forester, was on hand to promote a working relationship between DCNR and PSCLA. Mike fielded some questions and offered DCNR’s views on the following topics:
1.  Combination of Fish and Game Commissions with DCNR Rangers

     DCNR strongly opposes this combination as do the other agencies involved. House Bill222, concerning this combination, is stalled in the Senate. Mike also added that DCNRwants to promote their rangers as “visitor services” representatives of DCNR.

2.  Improving Habitat on your Lease

     Mike stressed that leaseholders must receive permission from their District Forester before planting any species of flora. Mike also pointed out that brochures stipulating whattypes of species may be planted, as well as those that are to be avoided, are soon to beavailable at your District Forester’s office.

Planning Committee Report:
     The planning committee is composed of the officers and directors. We hold 7 planning and 2 general membership meetings a year. Any member is invited to attend the planning meetings. Please contact any officer or director for date and location.
Treasury Review Committee:
     Dan Paolini suggested at a prior planning meeting that an internal audit of the PSCLA’s treasury should be conducted. Director Marty Salinas agreed to chair this committee and reported no problems or deviations.
Old Business:


     A former PSCLA director, John passed away in the summer of 2003. PSCLA donated $250 to a scholarship fund for this late teacher/coach/outdoorsman.


     This is a very touchy issue and one that is usually handled on a district by district, case by case . Neither DCNR nor PSCLA has an across the board solution. Efforts are being made toward approval and acceptance of ranges by DCNR.


     This is a misunderstood issue that ignites tempers rather quickly. Mike Lester offered his view on why the ban went into effect. The predominant reason, as explained to Mike by the Game Commission, is the recurrence of nuisance-bear complaints. As a result, the Game Commission has banned all wildlife feeders, seeded bird feeders included, from State Game lands.


     To ease the burden of the officers, the planning committee has chosen to assign 2-3 districts to each director. These are as follows:

          Doug Sellers - Rothrock and Tuscarora
          (717) 248-4112 dsellers2@verizon.net

          Martin Salinas - Moshannon and Elk
          (570) 726-6000 psplamar@knet.org

          Tom Livinston - Sproul & Bald Eagle
          (570) 726-4655 tom1@suscom.net

          George Conklin - Tiadaghton & Susquehannock
          (570) 893-8681 gconklin@uplink.net

          Dan Paolini - Delaware
          (610) 588-9402 uncaluig@epix.net

          Gerry Christ - Weiser, Wyoming, and Tioga
          (610) 370-0785
          Executive board - Forbes, Kittaning, Michaux, and Buchanan.