2003 Minutes

PSCLA Minutes
Dates of Minutes included below:
10/19/2003     4/27/2003


Meeting Minutes 10/19/2003

     The 7th semi-annual PSCLA meeting was called to order by Pres. George Conklin Oct. 19, 2004, 1:00 PM at the Southern Clinton County Sportsmen’s Clubnear Loganton. Attendance was 67. Pres. Conklin reviewed the day’s agenda, thanked and acknowledged Souther Clinton Sportsmen, Rennigers Lumber Co., and John Drake for their efforts and assistance. Also a reminder was given that nominations were open and elections would be held. Stanley Grabowski of the Little Zoo Club made a $100 donation.

Roll call of officers found:

Pres. George Conklin – P
 Director Doug Sellers - P
 Director Bill Kinley - P
Vice Pres. Chuck Harger – A
 Director Tom Livingston - P
 Director Gerry Christ - P
Treasurer John Green – P
 Director Martin Salinas - P
 Director Ray Mausteller - A
Secretary Ron Kephart – P

     Ron Kephart read the report from our April 27 meeting. Gerry Christ made motion to approve, Tom Livingston seconded, all were in favor.

     John Green gave a treasury report showing an April balance of _____, income since at _____, and expenses for the period at _____for an October balance of _____. Dan Paolini made motion to accept, John Correll seconded, all were in favor.  A copy of the treasurer's report is available upon request.

     John Green also gave the Membership Report showing an ’03 total of 1270 members, with 200 already paid for ’04.

Old Business:

1.  Leases in Wilderness or Natural Areas – it was reported that 3 years of discussions have been fruitful, DCNR told PSCLA in September that the new State Forest Management Plan will contain language showing that leases in these Areas can be sold, transferred or added to the same as all other state leases. Further, at the urging of PSCLA, the language will show 1913 as the inception of this program, strengthening our stand on the role of "heritage" in this program.

2.  Shooting Ranges – discussion indicated that semantics may add to our problems here. Efforts will be made to improve our public relations in the area, as well as working toward approval and acceptance in districts where logistics and topography allow. Also, efforts here will be toward smaller, more reasonable approach on case-by-case basis.

3.  Wildlife Feeders – an ongoing issue for us, this situation has been complicated by recent PA Game Commission rule changes. We will continue to persue this, urging common sense approach by all.

4.  Camp Security – it was noted that the proposal to unify the law enforcement divisions of Fish, Game and Forestry into one division within the DCNR has not been well received and appears to be fading. Also discussed was the need for our group (members and officers) to watchdog the DCNR rangers and that we should monitor DCNR tallies of citations issued by the rangers.

5.  Dumpsite Cleanups – again the PA Cleanways program was highlighted. This program uses Commonwealth money and local/group support and labor to identify and remove dumpsites. PSCLA supports this program; urges members to get involved, and to contact officers and directors for any help they need with a project or proposal.

6.  DCNR Recreation Advisory Commission – discussed and viewed as an opportunity to contribute at a high level to ideas concerning State Forests and future uses and facilities. Also, it was noted that representation in the committee is broad, PSCLA has never been mentioned negatively.

7.  PA Hunting and Fishing Museum – noted that Governor Rendell approved the next $4 million for this project to be located in Tionesta. It has been suggested we should consider some level of involvement.

8.  PSCLA Web Page – improvements are ongoing, earlier problems with our online membership application have been corrected. Suggestions for the website are encouraged. A members-only "For Sale" site will be added. Dan Paolini asked if we should consider password protection for some portions of the web page.

New Business:

1.  Insurance – Director Doug Sellers gave a presentation on obtaining insurances for camps. Doug noted that some companies do specific policies for camps, but most agents will find some way to accommodate existing customers. Some companies will cover vandalism, none covering theft – however there are some exceptions for theft while you are at camp. Single owner policies are usually different than clubs which may be considered commercial. Visual inspections are normally required, and heating units typically require drawings or specs. Liability policies can be bought, but can also be piggy-backed with existing homeowner policies. PSCLA will answer any request, but will not make specific endorsements.

2.  John Englert Memorial – a former PSCLA Director, John passed away in the summer of ’03. A scholarship fund has been established to memorialize this late teacher/coach/outdoorsman. Marty Salinas made a motion to contribute $500 to this fund and after discussion concerning the amount, Marty amended his motion to read $250. Tom Temple seconded the amended motion, which passed unanimously.

3.  Treasury Review – Dan Paolini suggested that an internal audit would be proper to check the paper trail and ease the burden of the treasurer. It was determined that a Treasury Review Committee would be appointed by the new officers.

4. Election – nominations were held for executive with the top vote getter becoming president and the runner-up being V-P., for Secretary, for Treasurer, and for Directors. Executive nominations were Ron Kephart and Chuck Hager; Secretary was Chris Fox, Treasurer was John Green, Directors were Dan Paolini, Marty Salinas, Bob Palermo, Doug Sellers, George Conklin, Jerry Christ, Ray Mausteller, Tom Livingston and Rick Shoemaker.

Secret ballot results were as follows:

President – Ron Kephart                Director – Dan Paolini           Director – George Conklin
Vice President – Chuck Hager      Director – Marty Salinas        Director – Gerry Christ
Secretary – Chris Fox                     Director – Doug Sellers         Director – Tom Livingston
Treasurer – John Green
Open Discussion:

     Dan Paolini mentioned the difficulty of getting local authorities involved in damage incidents. Dan also noted his disdain for paying school taxes on leases, suggesting PSCLA should make it part of our mission to abolish these taxes. Sid Mentzer questioned the current DCNR pus to enforce "No Shooting" Regs. Discussion centered on the disparity among districts and the desire to maintain the heritage of "hunting camps."

     Questions arose concerning Timber projects which have negative impacts on lease sites. The consensus was to work for better communication between District Offices and the PSCLA.

Jay Crust of Lock Haven won the day’s 50-50 drawing, donating his $30 winnings to our treasury.

May 2, ’04 was set as the date and the Castanea Picnic Grounds picked as the location for our next general meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 4:05 PM


Meeting Minutes 4/27/2003

     Call to Order: President George Conklin called the meeting to order at 1pm, Sunday April 27, for the 6th semi-annual meeting of the PSCLA. The event was held on the picnic grounds of the Castanea Fire Co. near Lock Haven. Attended by over 80 members, the day began with lunch featuring sausage sandwiches. President Conklin reviewed the day’s agenda and acknowledged Rich Shoemaker, John Drake, Renninger’s Hardware Store and the Castanea Fire Co. for their contributions toward this meeting and the furtherance of our goals.

Roll Call of Officers and Directors:

Pres. George Conklin – P
 Director Doug Sellers - P
 Director Bill Kinley - P
Vice Pres. Chuck Harger – P
 Director Tom Livingston - A
 Director Gerry Christ - P
Treasurer John Green – A
 Director Martin Salinas - P
 Director Ray Mausteller - P
Secretary Ron Kephart – P
Secretary Report:

     Ron Kephart read a condensed report from our October, 2002 meeting, also reporting times and locations for planning committee meetings. Ron also noted that all questions would be addressed upon request.Introduction of Guests: John Long and Theresa Jacobs from the Sproul District Office of DCNR, Dan Vilello and Bud Yost – Clinton County Commissioners, and Jeff Prowant – DCNR Tiadaghton District Forester.

     John Long (Sproul Assistant Forester) gave a presentation on camp maintenance in the Sproul District (10) that included the following:

Inspections are done by the same individual to avoid conflicting interpretations.
Inspections are typically done between January and March.
Each camp is inspected at least every 3 years.
The importance of maintaining boundary markers.
OSB board should be avoided as a camp building material.
Painted steel roofing may be placed over existing shingles.
Old shingles must be removed before installing a new shingled roof.
The need for spark arrestors on all flues.
The requirement for sealed vault septic systems.
The need for gates to be made to DCNR specification and installed with DCNR permission only.
Membership Committee Report:

     Chairman, Dick McKinney, reported that 946 of last year’s 1352 members have renewed so far and that 170 new members were gained for a total of 1116 as of 4/25/03. Dick noted that dues expire December 31 and that members should renew each year after October 31.

Treasurer’s Report:

Vice President Chuck Hager gave the treasury report showing a balance of _____.  Expenses since last meeting (10-27-02) stood at _____, with income for that period at _____.  The preponderance of expenses was related to printing and mailing costs for newsletters.  A copy of the treasurer's report is available upon request.

Old Business:

Proposed legislation:

     Our two bills, one limiting lease fee increases and another prohibiting lease terminations in wild or natural areas, never went beyond legislative committee. Doug Sellers added that many contacts were made in the process and that this experience will be valuable in the future. It was also noted that DCNR prefers opportunities to cooperate with stakeholder groups to modify policy whenever possible rather than being forced to do so by legislation. A member asked for an example of when DCNR ever cooperated. President Conklin responded that the PSCLA is attempting to achieve this cooperation (albeit slow at times) through personal involvement at DCNR public meetings, participation on the DCNR Recreation Advisory Committee, and through our personal meetings with Dr. Grace and other DCNR managers. Director Ray Mausteller added that we would continue to improve our "watchdog" efforts through other groups such as Unified Sportsmen of PA. Director Doug Sellers also noted that efforts toward policy setting are more fruitful than those toward policy solving. Another member expressed his belief that working to change "policy" in the state bureaucracy can be dangerous and suggested we pursue legislation instead.

Terminating leases in wild and natural areas:

     President Conklin reported that progress is still being made toward resolving this issue. Verbal assurances of policy changes have been made by DCNR but nothing is available in writing yet.

Shooting at camps:

     Vice President Chuck Hager reported contact with the NRA to assist in our efforts regarding shooting ranges at campsites. Chuck noted that we would continue to pursue maintaining our rights and responsibilities here.

Wildlife feeders:

     President Conklin noted that we had formerly taken the position that Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) policy to allow feeding after hunting seasons and not within 1 month prior to hunting should also be allowed by DCNR. Recent PGC changes restricting feeding that could cause a nuisance with bears may require us to modify this position.

Camp security:

     President Conklin again highlighted Western Clinton Sportsmen Association’s CO-SAFE program that offers rewards for information about vandalism, burglary and arson and encouraged camp lessees to participate.

Dumps and litter cleanups:

     Our position supporting PA Cleanways efforts was reiterated and members were encouraged to participate in cleanups. Members needing assistance or more information can contact PSCLA officers or directors.

DCNR’s proposed Forest District Realignment Plan:

     Tiadaghton District Forester Jeff Prowant stated his belief that the proposal is no longer being considered.

New Business:

1. Nominations for Officers and Directors - President Conklin opened nominations for election to be held at our October meeting. Chris Fox and Bob Palermo were nominated for director. Nominations will remain open through the time of the election on October 19, 2003.

2. Heritage Study - President Conklin spoke of the heritage study that we are hoping to have done to professionally document the sociological importance that the state camp lease program has had on many outdoor enthusiasts in Pennsylvania. He is working with Dr. Richard Stedman, Professor of Rural Sociology at Penn State, to determine the feasibility and logistics of conducting such a study. The PSCLA will be a major player in this effort and any members with information or interest should come forward.

3. PA Hunting and Fishing Museum - Secretary Ron Kephart spoke regarding the establishment of a PA Hunting and Fishing Museum near Tionesta, PA, urging members to support these efforts and suggesting that PSCLA should be a significant contributor.

4. PSCLA Hats and Shirts - Director Marty Salinas announced that hats with a PSCLA logo and design are available at $15.00 each and orders will be taken for T-shirts with the same design.

Open Discussion:

     Director Ray Mausteller mentioned that the state will be doing a feasibility study of combining the law enforcement divisions of the Game Commission, the Fish and Boat Commission and the DCNR Forest Rangers into one agency, all under the control of the DCNR. PSCLA will follow this situation and will keep our members informed.

     President George Conklin related his experience earlier this year at a kid’s fishing area at a DCNR state park. A mother was fined by a fish warden for "excessively helping" her youngster fish and he was warned that he might be fined as well for doing the same with his young grandchildren. The warden told him that if they are too young to fish on their own, they should leave the stream and go back to the playground area. George noted that over-enforcement of rules is not helpful toward ensuring our hunting and fishing heritage will continue into the future as it turns what should have been a great outdoor experience for potential sportsmen into a negative one.

     Member Victoria Jones spoke regarding ways that her youth experiences have led to lifetime participation.

     Chuck Hager thanked everyone for their attendance and continued support, while urging additional input and participation.

Al Gunsallus of Castanea won the 50/50 drawing prize of $83.00.

The Fall meeting date was set for October 19, 2003 with time and location to be determined.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:55 PM